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tv   Newsnight  BBC News  February 1, 2018 11:15pm-12:02am GMT

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this is newsday on the bbc. i'm rico hizon in singapore. spun out of control in some more tensions between the president and the fbi. areas. also tonight — darts, formula one. that accuses the agency of will the boxing ring girls be the next to go? bias against him. the reality of life in and legs and the china's xinjiang province. rest. a huge security good evening. operation. up in an killing father of six, makram ali, and injuring nine others. internment camp. a political purpose. at risk of the a significant role in fuelling disease? osborne's "hate—filled agenda". first athletes to qualify for the winter olympics. tommy robinson, and britain first‘s jayda fransen and paul golding.
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here isjohn sweeney. and london, this is bbc world news —— live. it was back newsday. of the other glad you could join us. attacks. a killer radicalised online. a vehicle mowing down pedestrians. and, driving it all, hate. to kill muslims. about the fbi. abuse in rochdale. league.
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preying on our children. the court heard evidence he had become brainwashed. became, in my mind, radicalised. abuse in rochdale. that, we believe, was the catalyst for the start of his radicalisation. osborne, for his attack, jayed evander. —— hired a van. at a demonstration. to attackjeremy corbyn and kill him?
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around london until he found another target. near the finsbury park mosque. osborne has now been convicted of murder and attempted murder. nine people were injured in the attack. in their goal of tearing britain apart, they have failed. at which osborne was radicalised. in the weeks before he carried out his attack. the english defence league.
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responsibility for the radicalisation of darren osborne. no, of course i don't. i'm actually insulted you're asking me that. this week, every headline has a picture of me. on social media. not on the bbc. yes, on the bbc. messages on twitter. that is a lie. a complete lie to the whole country. i work for a media company in canada. and 22 children blown to pieces. we had 48 injured, and nine people murdered. 49 injured and eight people murdered. we had all of this in a five week barrier.
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to a silent march. there is evidence he was looking you up a lot on the internet. you tweeted, "where was the day of rage after the terrorist attacks? all i saw was lighted candles. back in anger. will you put a screenshot of that? you just completely took that out of context. of rage planned. they had leaflets for it. you have got that leaflet because it was part of that tweet. like i said that.
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i was showing the hypocrisy in this country. what you have done is misrepresent the truth of a tweet, on purpose. in anger, what was the purpose of that? when he attacked. darren osborne wrote the reasons why he done this. why aren't we talking about that? i'll tell you why. he obsessively looked you up online. that's all i'm saying. he wrote "terrorists marched through our country today. there was a march. you didn't report on that. on that march? do you take any responsibility for that being hate speech? do you think it is? i'm asking you. of homosexuals. that is hate
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speech. me saying "don't look back in anger" is not hate speech. why do you think that he obsessively looked for you online? that encouraged him to take action against people. absolutely unbelievable that you're saying that. 49 million people watched that video. millions of people read my tweets. the truth — unlike you. finsbury mosque, he wrote a letter. in that letter, he quoted your tweet. no, he didn't. it was heard in court. for your viewers, read what he said. he quoted sadiq khan. he said "just part and parcel of living in a big city. he quoted jeremy corbyn. he quoted you in his letter.
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no, he didn't. he quoted you in that tweet. "we were told not to look back in anger. he said don't look back in anger. was "don't look back in anger". he didn't wuote me, he quoted a national newspaper. do you deny he quoted you in anyway? no. he didn't quote me. why are you not looking at the reasons? massive terrorist attacks? we have 22,000... that is not what this is about. this is the reason why he has done it. this is about the rise of far right mainstream. this is unbelievable. people were radicalised in four weeks. i'm embarrassed for the bbc. we had three terrorist attacks in quick succession.
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on the fact that i report the truth. terrorist attacks are appalling. he done this? you think it is because i said don't look back in anger? is that what your argument is? i'm asking, there are contributing factors, he was radicalised online. his wife said... for you online and quoted your tweets. infact... that's a fact. his wife said he was radicalised after your bbc documentary. if he feels responsible? you don't. is what darren osborne did appalling and reprehensible? of course it is, what sort of silly question is that? he has mowed down innocent people walking in the street. and irresponsible as a media outlet.
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thanks very much. those affected by it. good evening. on the far right? absolutely. and easy to find. we have seen today kill in our streets. when these are put up online. and clearly offensive. how quickly can you get them down? we can't get them down. for six years.
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to remove materials. the negative messages. they give this grandiose view, which is unrealistic. there is... and it's a horrible thing to say, but it is not all one—way traffic. it is not all one way traffic. tommy robinson is a result of anti—muslim extremism. he promotes division in this country. is a problem. where do you see it? on the online space, posters, do you hear it on the streets? where do you think it is most pervasive? in the online space. less so on the streets. the edl‘s back has been broken. and fragmented 2013. the online space is toxic. for counter speech.
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and they are not listening. to be some redress and measure to make them change their behaviour. what else do you think you can do to alter the atmosphere? to alter it we need positive messaging. we need good role models. in our country consistently. for the fractures and divisions they cause. sectors of society. you would agree. indeed.
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and different religious extremists? lots of work has been done on the islamist side. we tackle this issue daily. and the fractures he creates. thanks very much indeed. of her trip. used the trip to secure the scotch whisky trademark for another decade. dominated by brexit. during the transition period. with her government. our political editor nick watt is here. yet another round. would cover goods. downing street saying this is not going on.
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which is we have to stay in the customs union. steve baker said when he said civil servants are always wrong. he said... in the direction of the customs union. is happening behind
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the scenes? this is how you kick off a civil war in one easy step. thanks.
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of governors who had originally supported the ban. who want to actively pervert the purpose of education. of great britain who called the ban "appalling" and discriminatory. here's our political editor nick watt. it is one of the great european debates. just where should religion and fit in our public spaces? the secular state of france has a simple view.
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no religious symbols in any area associated with the state. sphere, generally on its terms. of schools declared neither view is right today. all belief beyond criticism. to indoctrinate impressionable minds with extremist ideology.
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extremists although she has concerns about intolerance in other faiths. ideology as well as extremist violence. the crocodiles that come close to the boat. horse row about extremism in birmingham schools.
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to warnings about extremism. we do not do the wrong thing. community tensions into schools. with different faiths. there are big questions. sector organisations are uncomfortable with.
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walking or dragging their feet to school in the morning. about the values of their country. amanda speilman is with me now. with those who actively perverts the purpose of education. what do you mean? where we find unsatisfactory things being taught. encouraging husbands to beat their wives. those things are simply not compatible. they are presumably a
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minority of schools? sure all children have the right educational experience. in anglican schools, civic schools? of all faiths. and there are schools that cause concern in
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every quarter. we can turn to the primary school in new in east london. in her freedom to do that. which got attention at the time. it was represented as being islamophobic but it is not. on young children in primary schools.
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you brought inspectors in yesterday and has achieved a lot. if the school is thriving? that is what inspectors look at. pressures in the school are as they should be. the hijab after puberty is right. the hijab, or is it simply this school? the point is that
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the headteacher made a decision. on what basis? to set uniform policy. what was her reason for not allowing kids under eight to wear the hijab? requirement, it is a cultural preference. so that school is one thing, and another another thing. in the first place? this is our concern.
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when we see a school is being bullied. the school took the decision some months ago. not in the immediate community. you put inspectors in yesterday. who would say we would rather we have this policy. you could conflate what could be seen as conservatism with extremism. on the contrary. there are different issues. it is so important that schools... in a diverse world. to take sensible decisions for the benefit of all children. the right decisions. we have a new education secretary.
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it was in the conservative ma nifesto. that is something that was in the manifesto. it is not something i have taken a position on. myjob is to inspect schools. do you think the addition of grammar schools would be valuable? and i'm not going to now. we can discuss this further. which currently runs three schools in birmingham. good evening. by backing new? i think any school needs to be free to set
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its own uniform policy. and tolerance for all faiths. a cross or what ever, be allowed to wear ripped? -- it. within reason. we have many muslim girls who wear the hijab and many who do not. tensions between those who do or do not. to the school, one wearing the
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hijab, one not. it has never been a problem. what they wish and when, is a good thing for british society? fundamentalism with tolerance. of unregistered schools. so this problem is wider than that of muslims. to the issue of the hijab.
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in mainstream schools. completely unrecognised in traditional muslim culture. are you talking about coeercion or freedom to choose? girls dress differently. yes, there may be a difference in families. of fasting. they had not banned fasting.
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that is a health and safety issue. that is an assertion you are making. we don't have any proof for that. i don't think he was lying when he made that claim. are not acceptable? would fasting be acceptable? this is the way i run my school, this is what i am going to do? or cultural persuasion that community is. we take a stance on fasting. long, as it has been in recent years. we have asked imams to come in and
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speak with the parents. when there is discussion, it is ok. schools in birmingham. it is not something that i have come across in birmingham. i know of no promotion of the hijab in that respect at all. let me explain. school, it was a body that actually wrote regulations for it. it is only fair to put it to amanda.
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what do you say about that? that's right. sorry, i didn't catch your name. what is and isn't acceptable. and to set boundaries. you said you strongly discourage fasting. it is your responsibility as a head to make those decisions. are the decisions of head teachers being eroded ? that is precisely what we saw at saint stephens. not liked by all parents but accepted. to reverse the policy. they were not part of the school community. will you be on their case? in the school? all we can do is report on what we find. that is why we visited the school, so that
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we can report. thanks very much indeed. and enhance the atmosphere around certain sportsmen? for formula one and darts amongst others. and the presidents club. in boxing, to cheerleading. so what next? turner. as a ring girl and is worried her job might be under threat. good evening to both of you. victoria, do you think boxing is about to ban ring girls? well, hopefully not. the opinions of people saying it should be banned is diabolical. it is
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absurd. what do you do as a ring girl? well, i escort the boxers into the ring. i tell the audience what round it is next. it is fun, it is part of the show, exciting, glamorous. you think it is part of the entertainment? yes, i do. doing what she wants to do. why have you got such a problem with it? it is not that i necessarily have a problem with it. we have to remember that the girls in formula 1 have not been banned. as the totty no longer represents the brand. and quite right. the days are gone of the women being the
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icing. it sends a powerful message to the next generation. but isn't that patronising? earning, you might say, the same of any other entertainer. it is an entertainment business. and in entertainment, nojob is secure. away from them. it is! of formula 1, who are conspicuous by their absence in this debate. bernie ecclestone said he thinks it was a ridiculous thing. that might be a generational thing. the conversation started with formula 1. more grid girls? i think it's a shame. i think it is political correctness gone mad. tell me how you
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are treated. of the other women who work with you? none whatsoever. it'sjust all fun. walking around the ring. we are not doing any harm to anybody. and i love doing it and i will keep doing it. do you feel empowered from doing it? feminists say it is degrading. it is not. and if i want to express myself in that way, i will. she's right, isn't she? i don't think so. i'm not saying that she couldn't do any otherjob. about the long—term career prospects of these girls.
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of potential female drivers, of which there are none. and there will be none while this continues. but there are female boxers. of essentially a male sport. nfl is about to kick off. all of the adverts, including on bbc, have got the cheerleaders. cheerleaders are completely different. why? they are athletic, gymnasts. you and i couldn't do what cheerleaders do. you and i could hold an umbrella up in the tarmac. what do you think about that? that's just ridiculous. we are all doing a job. whether we are athletic or not. i'm doing a job as well as them. i just do not get your views on that at all. do you think that male attitudes are changing?
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with the sport any more, maybe they have daughters, sisters... it is totally that. we have so many images of women in the palms of our hand. of a woman on the tarmac. those days are gone. men don't tune in for that. i'm asking... and choices they make? it's not about patronising other women. of what it is to be a woman. by what they look like. in formula 1 and in boxing, the women... what do you think? that's my prerogative. to do that, then that is up to
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you. but my mum is proud of me when i go up there. thank you both very much. president. of the daily telegraph. and ministers watering down eu migrant plan in the telegraph. to the state. and a review of far right threat after the verdict. that is all. goodbye.
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. it the interesting day on the weather front. . it the interesting day on the weatherfront. . it the interesting day on the weather front. weather front. cold everywhere at the same time, there was some sunshine to be had. there was some sunshine to be had. strength of the wind has seen on the northern shores of scotland. northern shores of scotland. right down the eastern shores of the british isles as well. british isles as well. showers, then there will be a bit of ice. ice. friday because they will be quite a few showers around. few showers around. some of them quite sharp. quite sharp. two coming down to the western side of wales. of wales.
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way of that north, north—westerly wind. wind. is and it will feel really quite pleasant. pleasant. far as springlike, but you know what i mean. i mean. all about it because it will be cold and damp and miserable. and damp and miserable. into snow and not just at the highest levels. highest levels. shapes up for the start of the six nations. nations. that is going to be a damp old affair. old affair. france, that should not be such an issue. issue. warm direction off the cold north sea. sea. some showers coming into the south—eastern quarter. south—eastern quarter. the sunshine probably into scotland and northern ireland.
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and northern ireland. wintry showers and that south—eastern corner. south—eastern corner. just north of the british isles, we could see some significant snow. could see some significant snow. that one, there is a degree of uncertainty about that. channel, newsday looks at the latest business news. business news. debate in the victoria derbyshire programme.
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